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Reginald Hislop III


Meet Reginald Hislop III

Reginald Hislop III is a CEO and executive with over thirty years of experience in several industries. He has gained significant recognition for his efforts, which includes work in non-profits and healthcare industries. Reginald has worked hard to share his experience with the world, publishing several books and becoming a public speaker and business advisor.

About Reginald Hislop III

One can see Reginald Hislop III’s dedication to healthcare initiatives in every action he takes. Reginald Hislop III was formerly the CEO of Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries. In 2019 he signed on as the CEO of Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries. Oakwood Lutheran approached Reginald for this role, hoping he would help them grow as an organization. In his time with the organization, he accomplished wonders for Oakwood, even though he has only been there for a short time. For example, he developed a state-of-the-art SNF building, connecting the campus to other facilities. This includes a new pharmacy, therapy center, full-service kitchen, and hospice wing. Likewise, Reginald started a new Medicare hospice service. It’s worth noting that Reginald Hislop III signed on with Oakwood Lutheran before the height of the pandemic. He guided them through the worst the pandemic had to offer as he crafted a pandemic control plan, infection control competencies, and more. 

In 2011 Reginald Hislop III co-founded an organization known as H2 Healthcare. H2 Healthcare is a national-scope consulting practice offering health policies, economics, and marketing research guidance. They have contracts with several significant organizations, showing Reginald’s influence on the medical side of the business. Luckily, Reginald Hislop III believes that running a business is very similar to being in a family, taking a more fatherly role in his leadership style. This has enabled him a more personal take on the industry, ensuring his people get taken care of – while aiming for optimal business growth. 

Reginald Hislop III has much experience with similar initiatives and organizations. For over a decade, Reginald was the President and CEO of The Village at Manor Park, Inc. He has also taken on several roles, such as Director of United Cerebral Palsy (1999-2004) and the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeast Wisconsin (1994-1999). 

Reginald Hislop III is proud of his accomplishments over the years. His specialty of working with non-profit organizations has enabled them to thrive and flourish under his guidance. Much of his work has focused on the CEO and Board levels of businesses, including strategy development, marketing, finances, and risk management. Reginald has been working in the non-profit sector for over thirty years – directly impacting countless organizations and foundations with his efforts.  

While Reginald Hislop III is very busy, he enjoys his time off. He loves spending time with his family, believing family and faith should always come first. Interestingly, Reginald enjoys working with his hands and is quite adept at construction. He’s worked hard on his skills, such as plumbing, electrics, and carpentry. These skills have certainly added to his insight into development projects, such as installing the new SNF building.  

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